WOMEN ON THE MOVE : tips for business travelers

Actualizado: may 11


Rely on your Travel Agent but remember that the key to a relaxing business trip is planning.

Start preparing the minute you know you are going. A travel agent or your secretary should make the reservations and investigate the more efficient way to travel bearing in mind your travel profile : particular airline, seatings arragements, meals, etc.

Also, be sure that your travel agent keep you informed about new benefits: members of hotels, credit cards, car rental, airline business traveler clubs, and so on.

Some rental car companies offer select members benefits provided they call ahead : air-conditioned or heated cars waiting for your arrival.

Delays within the larger or hub airports should be anticipated, for example, if you must fly into a hub, avoid mid-morning and late-afternoon arrivals.


If travel is frequent, keep a plastic-lined bag with miniature toiletries, cosmetics, and personal items packed in a carry on bag. Though some hotels offer complimentary toiletry items, bring sure to bring your own medication as drug prescriptions can be difficult or expensive.

To help you comply with the airlines rules about baggage, as well as avoid dashes to the boarding gate, consider using a luggage that combines a soft-side garment/carry on bag and wheels. The wheels recede into the bag so it fits easily under the seat.

For valuable items inquire for special handling or excess insurance coverage you may need.


Choose a well known hotel chain for business travel as they not only offer better business services and facilities but they provide consistency in safety and comfort.

The larger hotel chains are always courting the business traveler with frequent traveler bonuses, corporate rates, meeting facilities, secretarial services and so on. Look for that kind of programs that offer also express check-in and other benefits such as free weekend newspapers, free coffee or tea and valuable gifts and vacations for points earned.


Make sure you are booked into a hotel with exercise facilities on the premises or nearby. Many hotels come well-equipped- with facilities for cycling, swimming and aerobic dancing to name a few.

Other exercise options to consider : if you are enrolled in a health club at home, find out if you have workout privileges in health clubs in other cities. If you are a runner, check with your local runner's association about referral services that link you with runners in other cities.


With jet lag still the number one complaint of business travelers flying long distances, prepare your body before you leave by gradually shifting eating and sleeping times to conform with that of your destination.

Keep in mind that your body adapts better to the demands of travel if you stick to light meals on the plane and avoid alcohol and caffeine. Drink plenty of water and juice, and since the humidity in the cabin is 0 % apply moisturizer generously. If you arrive early in the day, take a short nap that will not interfere with sleep that night on the local schedule.

Since business travel demands so much, be sure to keep some time for you. Give yourself the personal attention you never have time for at home. For instance, instead of planning every meal out, order your favourite dinner and drink through room service.

Then curl up with a good book or watch the in-room movie.

Remember to pack comfortable lounging clothes.

You might even make time during the evening to pamper yourself with an at-home facial or hair conditioning.