Vicky Barranguet in Paris

Disconnect your mind and give way to your emotions. That is one key to approach Vicky Barranguet’s work, the last of which is currently being shown at Teodora Gallery in Paris. If one’s eye amusingly discovers the edge of a lake on one side, on the other side are luxurious spring gardens, an orgy of flowers or a waterfall of vegetation ; the artist claims her work to be abstract, and more precisely abstract expressionism. Exit any attempt at narration. When she paints, she is wrapped in the moment, in the present time and is guided by an outline of memories, a feeling of happiness, of sadness, the impact of a personal experience or in connection to what is happening in our world. The titles of her work send us back to a more poetic rather than descriptive field : Sense of Perception, Start Out by Dreaming, Magic Dialogue, Escaping Speculation...her paintings are therefore as much an attempt at defining the edges of a perceptible reality that escapes words. From canvas to canvas, she gives us an autobiography in which these words give way to colours, lines and brush strokes. And the key to Vicky Barranguet’s work is indeed to let movement take over. Palette in her left hand and a large brush in her right, she sets off a ballet, the first words of which are traced in black. Colour doesn’t take long to settle in, bright and sharp, placed on the palette and mixed on canvas. The artist confronts her frame with a certain kind of self-confidence and pleasure, all the while driven by an instinctive need which imposes this choreography made from wide, open movements. The paint slips and trickles, stretched or projected in splashes. On the same painting, the surface is at once thick and thin, liquid and dense, transparent and impenetrable : a very rich lexicon, which she handles with great flexibility to create the harmony and the energy of her compositions. She plays the different keys, like a musician plays with different shades when he interprets a score, going from pianissimo to pianoforte in a second, lifting the brush in the wake of a sigh, imposing staccatos and loosening up like a conductor. She packs all of this energy into the limited frame of a canvas to create an improvised symphony. Indeed, no sketches are needed because everything unfolds in the now. Only her canvases bear witness to the scene. In the face of Vicky Barranguet’s work, one cannot help but notice a connection with artists like Claude Monet, Sam Francis, Joan Mitchell or even Zao Wou-Ki. When one deals with movement, moment and one’s take on space, the East is never too far. She positions herself as the heir to the great themes of 19th-century Art : the question of the subject and its self-effacement in favour of the painting itself, the link between shadow and light, the balance of voids and solids, movement...an endless quest for painting.

Stéphanie Pioda

October 5th - November 25th

TEODORA GALERIE Art Contemporain 25, rue de Penthièvre T : 33 (0)1 77 17 28 45 75008 Paris

Contact: angela.ghezzi@teodora.fr www.teodora.fr www.vickybarranguet.com


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