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The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is in a fortunate position when it comes to implementing innovative healthcare technology for the country’s population.

Firstly, the UAE has considerable wealth mainly from oil revenue, second, the population is relatively small, although growing fast and third, starting from a so-called ‘green fields’ base of relatively undeveloped healthcare a few decades ago, it has been in a position to study best practice and the latest technology and implement it without being weighed down by outmoded ways of doing things and legacy technology systems.

This technological impulse has enabled it to jump over several stages of technological development and move rapidly to implement the most modern state-of-the-art healthcare technology available. That is why today, we are so pleased to give our readers this fantastic presentation : one of the most well-known specialist in this field in Dubai : Lama Al Naeli who is a very well-known clinical dietitian of famous celebrities/people worldwide having several years of extensive experience in nutrition, health, wellness and natural living. She did Masters in Health & Nutritional Sciences from California, USA. She owned wellness clinics in Syria , UAE & USA. Through the power of nourishment she could change people’s live all over the world.

She is pursuing her ambition of “Let your food be your medicine” through her comprehensive writing, print & electronic media presence, personal appearances and private practices.

She has a unique way of using mix methodologies and the last recent medical technologies and lab tests to customize the Wellness programs for her patients (i.e. Medical weight management).

Besides being the Brand Health Ambassador for Nestlé, she is the official Health and Diet Speaker for more than 10 local and International TV & radio channels including MBC Group TV, Sky News Arabia, and Dubai TV. Her weekly columns in Arabic magazines and newspapers along with her daily social media postings are followed by thousands of people from the region. Besides attending many international conferences in the Health & Nutrition field, Lama Al Naeli holds the honor of being the keynote speaker indifferent national conferences.

She is a member of American Dietitian Association &Canadian Diabetes Association. She is actively involved in different medical awareness campaigns and holds the title of Health advisor for Down Syndrome Association and Autism Association.

Wen are very honoured and proud to have Lama with us today !!!!

Wellness ByDesign

Wellnessby Design is an American based brand, and launched 4 years ago in Dubai Healthcare city free zone bringing in the latest and greatest of healthcare services, protocols and concepts to be adopted in our dietitian clinics and centers. Leading a highly customer focused way of delivering our services and treatments, and ensuring the clients satisfaction is always exceeding the expectations ensuring that we give our clients the best experienceever.

All our medical staff follow high level standards that are qualified by our main branch in USA and adopt a special protocol been implemented in wellness by design, allowing them to fill the gap and the growing needs in our community for health and nutrition

center that offers professional educated counseling. Using up to date tools and methodologies such as special body analyzer, blood tests and special genetic test for health and weight management.We are able to offer very specific, customized, precise and effective dietaryapproach.

The success stories we have because we worked and working in many aspects with our clients, we are not focusing only on losing or gaining weight but we also look on the well-being in general. We care about the patients satisfaction. For many cases we treated the lack of vitamins and it’s complications, we prevented in some cases Genes-Inherited diseases through our gene tests which we have.

We helped even very important category of the society, we took care of many athletes in order to make them keep their shape and avoid all the unhealthy and hormone products and replace them with the natural and organic.

Wellness ByDesign: Mission

Community awareness is the goal of our active dieticians through seminars and media expedition, because we believe that the health awareness is one of the bases for a healthier population. Our target is beyond the limits of our clinics in UAE, we tend to avail

our services in all the GCC countries and enrich the resident knowledge about the importance of a healthy lifestyle for a longterm.

Wellness ByDesign: Vision

Wellnessby Design guides the population into a healthier lifestyle by combining the expertise of our dieticians in clinical services and the proficiency of our nutritionist in healthy catering services. Our mission is not only to provide a weight management program, but also a whole body care and a nutritional awareness to make life healthier and happier following all the guidelines and quality controlstandards.

Wellness ByDesign: Services

Nutrition/Weight Managementsolutions

Special blood and genetic LaboratoryTest.

IV drops for detoxification andwellness

Sliming & Re-shapingMachines.

Surgical and Non-Surgical Solutions forobesity

Stem cells for Weightmanagement

Mind & Bodytherapy


A healthycafé


Food Catering.

Anti-aging and well-being treatments.

Aesthetic Center / Dermatology / Spa facility.

Recreation / Fitness facility.

EducationalClasses for parentsof special needs kids for autism and down syndromepatients.

Healthycooking Classes: The centerwill be running cooking sessions to educate the visitors about balancedand healthy eating, foods and habits.

Wellness Coaching Initial: to help clients build self awareness and identify core values around health and fitness, programs with nearbycenters.

Improving the quality of our lives: Regular awareness workshops related to womanhood, manhood, childhood,pregnancy.


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