I have grown to appreciate how medical science can be applied to help sustain life in general. However, my desire is to take that further by developing methods that can help integrate science and the general public together as I have realized the ever growing importance of nutrition.

Putting that in mind we build up a very advanced nutritional center and we called it Wellness by design as we believe in uniqueness of person’s need and we have gathered and trained a team of clinical dietitians who are expert in nutrition and weight management in order to fulfill those needs.

We reached the point that we can say it with trust that we are at Wellness By Design professionals in the field of nutrition, obesity and weight loss, and we use the latest science and techniques in those fields.

We aim to lead the Middle East and the world towards a better understanding of nutrition and its importance in the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of obesity and the deliverance of nutritional guidance to clients and patients in sport, pregnancy and childhood.I believe in natural treatments and we know how to cure lots of diseases just by changing the diets.

We try to avoid using medicines as we all know the bad side effects of chemical medicines, instead of using medicines, we say let your food be your medicine!

It’s a simple fact that having a healthy body will affect your life in all aspects such as work, family life and free time activities. We believe in the say: Healthy body means healthy mind, and having a healthy body will makes you live healthier longer life.

Stay healthy! LAMA ALNAELI


Grace Grisolia


Carmen Àlvarez



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